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Teddi will be having her next litter late Summer 2023

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Here are some pictures of Teddi's last two litters

Why Add a Chickadee Pup to Your Family?

Rose Flower Cluster
  • We have pledged to only have three litters a year maximum

    • We are small and we are going to stay small to make sure each puppy gets tons of attention and love while they are with us​

  • Your puppy will come to you with with tons of experience

    • Our puppies go everywhere we can safely take them as they grow

    • They go throughout different rooms in our house

    • They go in the backyard and on short nature walks, getting to experience different surfaces-grass, other plants, gravel, sand, asphalt, etc

    • They go on car rides and puppy wagon trips through nearby towns 

      • they do not have the vaccinations to safely walk on their own where other dogs have been, so we invested in a wagon to get them used to city and traffic noises in-person, or rather in-puppy!

  • We are a family affair-there are four of us and we are all hands on deck

    • Our team consists of

      • Wendy, both the brains and the heart of the team.  ​

      • Alvin, the social media guru and lead trainer

      • Rory, pro puppy snuggler

      • Maddie, website maintenance and spare chew toy

    • Your puppy will have the benefit of being raised around two children, an adult-ish person and an actual adult

  • We make a forever commitment to you and your puppy

    • Whether it is ten days later or ten years later, we will always be happy to advise you and help however we can

    • When our puppy becomes your family, that technically makes us related, right? Right!  And so we have set up a FaceBook group for all of our puppy in-laws so we can keep in touch and you can share your puppy joys with the families who have taken siblings of your puppy home (and us.  We live for pictures of our puppies!)

Rose Flower Cluster
4week bandit group.jpg


   Merida is now officially my granddaughter's service dog            and is retired from our program.  We are so blessed that Merida came into our lives to bring two beautiful litters into the world, and to be able to help my granddaughter so that she       may attend school and maneuver this difficult and challenging condition called POTS.


Here Is What Mer's Pups Are Up To

Surfer Girl

Teddi back flowers.jpg

For the best seat in the house, you'll have to                move

       THE DOG

IMG_1221 3.jpg

A dog will teach you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.

                                -Robert Wagner

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Black Eyed Susan Flower Border
Red Zinnia Flower
Black Eyed Susan Flower Border

More About Us


We are a small family business in the foothills of NC.  We adore labradoodles and are dedicated to raising healthy, allergy friendly labradoodles of all sizes with sweet and playful personalities.

Our dogs are multigenerational Australian labradoodles and the apples of our eyes!  They are raised in our home and go with us everywhere. They are the best companions we could ask for and we are excited to share that same love and companionship with other families.

We are member certified breeders with the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America), an organization which maintains impeccable standards for ethics in breeding and health testing in order to maintain the integrity of the breed.  The

well-being of our dogs and puppies is of paramount importance to us.  We are proud to go above the required health testing for ALAA membership, and have been awarded Golden Paw status. 

We have also earned Good Dog excellent status through our rigorous health testing.


Each one of our puppies is born and raised in our home.  As they grow we prepare them to meet the world with confidence and joy.  We practice Puppy Culture with early neurological stimulation and conditioned emotional responses to crates, veterinarian handling, enjoying being with people and other pets.  We expose them to loud noises and new experiences throughout their eight weeks with us. Once they are old enough we take them out twice daily and romp through the woods and fields surrounding our home.  We find that providing puppies with individualized care results in dogs who are happy, confident, social, physically capable and imbued with a drive to learn.


Eight weeks fly by with each day more joyous than the last, when puppy pick up day arrives.  We do not say goodbye, as our adoptive families stay close to our hearts through our Facebook group where we share pictures and comments.  Instead, we expand our family with each puppy we place into your loving arms. 

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Chickadee ALAA LOGO 2021.png
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Chickadee GOLDEN PAW 2021.png
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Black Eyed Susan Flower Border
Red Zinnia Flower
Black Eyed Susan Flower Border

Professional     snuggler


Best tennis ball buddy

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Black Eyed Susan Flower Border
Black Eyed Susan Flower Border

Drummer Girl

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