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Guardian Homes

In an effort to grow our Labradoodle family while ensuring that every breeding dog in our program receives a wonderful forever home with the love and attention they deserve, we are using a Guardian Home Program.

The guardian home dog will be a part of the guardian home’s family while the breeding rights are retained by Chickadee Labradoodles for a pre-set amount of time (at least 3 litters).  After the guardian dog is finished with her breeding career, she will be spayed (we will cover the costs) and she will stay a forever pet of her family, who will not have to pay the purchase price for her.  For Guardian Families who wish to go past three litters, there will be compensation.

Guardian families will have a legal contract with Chickadee Labradoodles through the duration of the guardian dog’s breeding career.  Before being chosen as a guardian home, families will undergo a screening and an interview.

Guardian home families will be responsible for general routine veterinary care and health of their guardian dog. This includes feeding them a high quality dog food, grooming them on a regular basis (non-professional is fine), flea/tick prevention as needed, exercising them regularly, socialization, and above all, giving them love and companionship.

 Any “breeding related” medical costs for the guardian dog will be covered by Chickadee Labradoodles. 

Additionally, for each successful litter we will be giving our guardian families $500 to compensate for the inconvenience.


Requirements For a Guardian Home:


  • Own your own home.

  • Must have secure physical fencing around an area designated for the guardian dog to use.

  • All dogs and puppies placed in guardian families must be indoor dogs and must never be left outside unattended for long periods of time. 

  •  Guardian families must have dependable transportation, and a willingness to bring the guardian dog to breeder when needed, and to make sure that the dog is available for breeding purposes.

  • Keep open lines of communication with breeder regarding any and all matters concerning the guardian dog.

  • Must alert breeder of any changes in dog including but not limited to: coming into heat, any injuries, any changes in health,etc...

  • Have no intact male dogs in the household. 

  • Keep the dog properly groomed and maintain regular general routine  veterinary care

  • Does not and will not work full time  in the future

  • Non-smoking household


Please email us for our contract and list of complete requirements


If you feel that you will make an excellent guardian home please email us back and explain why. Thank you for your interest in our guardian program!

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